Arabian and Panamanian Tales
The following learning activities will help students (age 11-15) to gain a basic knowledge of some famous Arabian and Panamanian folk tales. The activities will give students the chance to work individually and in groups to collect, analyze and discuss these tales. 
    Activity (1):

·        Students will read ans watch some videos ( and animations ( about some Arabian and Panamanian folktales, and then they will analyze the events, characters, themes and plots for these tales.
·        Students will choose at least one Arabian or Panamanian tale to present, then they will collect some pictures, videos, or animation to enrich the content.
·        Students will list the key events of each story and some of the most influenced sides in the story (laws, religion, politics,…)
·        Students will divide into small groups to engage in a discussion about the cultural aspects and values they found through their working in these folktales. 

 Arabian and Panamanian Folktales Projects:

1- Facebook page: Unachi&Kansas colaborative group (This is an open group. Anyone can join and invite others to join to enrich this page of folktales from your countries,regions, or any place around the world) (

2- PowerPoint:  <iframe src="" height="335" width="450" name="Qays-and-Layla-Love-ppt" scrolling=no frameBorder="0" style="border:1px solid #AABBCC"></iframe>

3- Video:

The following learning activities will help students to create an artifact and provided with folktales from all around the world. 
Activity (2):

·        Students will create an artifact to present some famous folktales from their own regions or countries.
·        Students will give an overview of some of the places they read about in these tales and include some pictures or videos about these places.
·        Students will pick around 2 values they found in these stories and writ about it.
·        Students will work as a group to discuss the role that folktales could play in any culture. And, will give a list of some of the similar sides in most folktales around the world.
·        Have each group come to the front of the class and present up a tale or a character from a popular folk.

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