Arabian and Panamanian Tales

Folk tales Quiz:

1) One of the most popular stories in The Arabian Nights is:
A).  The Cat Who Went to Mecca
B).   Aladdin
C).  The Old Pair of Slippers
2) The Panamanian tales mentioned here (The Tulivieja, The Cadejo, and The Duendes) can be also found in 

     A). European’s  folktales literature
     B). Asia tic’s folktales literature
     C). Latin-American folktales literature

3)The story of Layla and Majnun (also known as Qays) took place in what part of the world?
    A). Africa
    B). Europe
    C). The Middle East

4) According to Panamanian popular perception which is the most told folktales:

A). The Cadejo
     B). The Tulivieja
     C). The Duendes 

5) Which is the teaching lesson mostly inferred after reading The Tulivieja
      A).  Disobeyers always get a punishment.
      B).  It is bad to go to the parties at night.
      C).  Do not leave your baby alone near a river

6) The animal that usually appears with Joha is:
    A).  Cat
    B).  Donkey
    C).  Dog

7) What happen
ed to Layla and Majnun in the end?

   A). Layla died and Majnun was found dead by her grave shortly thereafter.
   B). Majnun died and Layla was found dead by her grave shortly thereafter.
   C). They ran away together

8) Qays ibn al-Mulawwah ibn Muzahim was eventually known as Majnun Layla. What does this mean?

   A). Soul mate of Layla.
   B). Driven mad by Layla.
   C). In love with Layla

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Please answer these questions:

1)Why are folk tales an important part of the culture of a country?

2) After you reading, can you write
a folktale of your own?

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