Arabian and Panamanian Tales
  Introduction to Panamanian Tales


Since its geological origin, Panamá has been seen as a perfect geographical accident serving as a bridge of culture.  Indeed our own culture is mixture of other foreign cultures that have come to this land and become part of us.  Panamanian beliefs do share a lot of similarities with the rest of our near countries and even with some of others continents.  This can be clearly seen in one of our elements of folklore, The Panamanian Tales.  As it was mentioned above, we can see how much our tales have such impressive similarities with some others countries in our hemisphere.  La Tulivieja; the spirit of a woman who cries for her lost child, El Cadejo; the evil’s dog that takes the soul of the night walkers, and The Duendes; the wood creatures that steal the non baptized children, are quite good narrative icons in the region and even beyond our frontiers.  


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