Arabian and Panamanian Tales
  Introduction to Arabian Tales

Arabian Tales

“A large number of Arabic legends and folktales reflect the culture's history, social customs, morals, values, and religious beliefs…Arabic tales share many characteristics. The stories display the social values that the Arabs have in common and discusses the position and roles of men and women in society…Faith in God is usually expressed through the hero, who uses his belief to achieve the main task…Very often, hospitality and kindness to guests and strangers is essential for survival in the desert. Values such as courage, honesty, honor, hospitality, generosity, and loyalty are emphasized. Moreover, the hero is defined by characteristics such as pride, bravery in war, protecting the weak, and helping the poor…The supernatural element is a very important aspect in ancient Arabic literature. Jinn, Ghouls, and Angels are some of the supernatural creatures that appear frequently…It is interesting to note that although folktales might include supernatural and magical elements, they are usually based on real life events that stem from the Arabic culture… Imagination and creativity in these tales add to their beauty and entertaining capacity without minimizing the influence of real life events.”*

Whether the Arab folktales were historical sorties, Inspirational legends, moral lessons, or love poems, they were always meant to entertain. So, ride on your Magic Carpet and take this journey into different places and times through legends and folktales from Arab world.

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